Most digital experiences clients interact with – including music, movies and online shopping – have already become hyper-personalized. 

Despite this, investments are often managed with a “one size fits all” approach with a limited understanding of who individuals are as investors and the individual needs of each person’s financial life.

It's time to give clients what they want and need. At TIFIN Grow, we help advisors grow their practice through investment personalization at scale.

Book a demo to learn how to uncover your prospects' fears, needs, and wants through risk, planning and personality. 

  • Our risk module calculates and compares three risk scores: risk capacity, risk preference, and portfolio risk, since risk preference alone can change with market sentiment.
  • Our personality module helps uncover hidden investor insight to help you create relevant and customized proposals.
  • Learn about our Prioritize feature that identify lookalike prospects based on a wealth manager’s best clients.