An Intelligent Approach to Risk Alignment

TIFIN Wealth offers a holistic, quantitative multi-scoring approach that takes into account an individual’s risk preference, risk capacity and portfolio risk. Now you can assess your client’s risk beyond subjective, one-dimensional scoring to focus on facts over feelings.

Available at just $125 per month. 

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A Multi-Dimensional Approach

TIFIN Wealth takes an intelligent approach to risk. By using a multiple-score approach, including risk capacity, risk preference, and portfolio risk, advisors working with TIFIN Wealth are able to go beyond subjective and sometimes emotions-based one-dimensional scoring. 

Risk preference alone is often emotions-based and reflective of an individual’s tolerance for risk at a specific moment in time. Risk capacity is the estimate of risk investors can actually take on, given their current life situation.

At TIFIN Wealth, we believe portfolios should be designed to include both of these factors to more appropriately align an individual's investment wants and needs.

Risk Band

A Client Centered Approach

  • With less than 20 short questions, your clients can complete the survey in just a few minutes

  • Convert prospects faster by showing how their current portfolio is not within their Risk Band

  • Increase retention and satisfaction by building risk-aligned portfolios that clients can understand

  • Incite curiosity with prospecting links on your website, newsletter, email signature and more